Long-term plan of higher education

This note was originally delivered as part of the Future Professoriate course at Virginia Tech.

12/3/20201 min read

There is no doubt about the role of funding agencies in shaping the direction that higher education institutions take. But does that direction lead to a bright future for humanity?

There is no easy answer to this question. In today's world, we increasingly see the power of money in higher education institutions. We have encountered cases where faculty members accused of any sort of misconduct are supported by university administration, and many believe the reason lies in their ability to bring in money. Although there are numerous moral and diligent scholars who conduct valuable research in its pure form, the inclination toward cherishing the value of money more than the value of dignity and morality can endanger the bright future we envision. The education system appears to be an efficient machine working tirelessly to satisfy the world's needs. However, some needs may not be in demand by today's world but are crucial for long-term redemption. This is where the government's role lies in valuing those pure scientific efforts that work for humanity's future. Are the most powerful individuals in the world capable of making proper decisions for that?