About me


I’m Moein Borghei, an electrical engineer with a focus on the high voltage and dielectric sciences. Currently, I am a part of Avalanche Energy, a fusion start-up that uses high voltage to electrostatically confine fusion fuels. My primary responsibility at Avalanche Energy is to lead projects aimed at generating and transferring hundreds of kilovolts in the most compact form ever built.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, baking, playing tennis, and reading philosophy. Cooking is satisfying and relaxing, and I enjoy experimenting with new recipes. Tennis challenges me both mentally and physically, and I appreciate its social aspect. Philosophy fascinates me, especially questions about the meaning of life, morality, and the universe. I'm particularly interested in the origins of the universe and our place in it, and I enjoy reading the works of great thinkers who have explored these questions throughout history.


BS in Electrical Engineering

MSc in Electrical Engineering

Virginia Tech

PhD in Electrical Engineering

Virginia Tech

Sharif University of Technology


High Voltage Scientist


Avalanche Energy, Seattle, WA, USA

Tasks span from the high voltage in vacuum designs and diagnostics to charged particle simulation. A project example is the design, simulation, and testing of a 300-kV vacuum bushing (see the project here).

Research Assistant


Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

As an undergraduate research assistant, I worked on the modeling of the aging mechanism of Li-ion batteries during fast charging. Additionally, I analyzed residential electricity consumption using machine learning techniques, providing insights into energy usage patterns. In addition to my research, I have also worked as an assistant instructor for courses such as Electric Circuits Theory, Power System Analysis I/II, and Power Electronics I, helping to impart my knowledge to the next generation of students.

Teaching/Research Assistant


Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, USA

I undertook a range of tasks related to my field of expertise. These included testing and multiphysics modeling of high-voltage systems, planning and convex optimization of microgrids and power transmission lines, and designing and implementing a VT high-voltage laboratory. Additionally, I have written technical reports and scientific articles based on my research and findings in these areas.